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Due to current COVID-19 situation, our dedicated team working tirelessly in introducing educational content on Tutors Gateway Digital Platforms which will be easily accessible for parents and students which will help them in their educational journey.

In this regard Tutors Gateway  launched eLearning platform.

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Daily online tuition classes with easy to use App.
Class from Nursery to Prep, 1-8, Matric, Fsc and Quran tutoring available.

Online Courses

From Handwriting English/Urdu to reading and English speaking course.

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Featured Classes

English/Urdu Handwriting Course

Do you know 7/10 students in Pakistan don’t have proper (English/Urdu) handwriting skills, which impact negatively on students grades. The reason for poor handwriting is that students basic writing pattern is not developed in lower classes. But as a parent you don’t need to be worried about your child handwriting because Tutors Gateway is launching online handwriting course for students.

In this course our teacher will work on both English and Urdu handwriting skills of students. Batch 1 started. Now book seat for you child in batch 2.

ssc-class 9th full course

Your child is promoted to class 9th! (congratulations)
But School & Academies Closed!
Bring the teacher to your home (under safe precautions) by online class with tutor for full course completion of class 9th to benefit from this precious time.

Board Exam Preparation Online Classes/Test series

Students of Pakistan!
Before actually appearing to your board exam. Now you can give daily test series or full course completion with final full course paper. Prepare with past 5 years papers.
Book your tutor now at the comfort of your home.

Need Male/Female tutor for your school kid?

We are here to bring up the best in your child. Every child is equally gifted, one just needs to choose the best mentor for them. Rest assured, tutors gateway have the best professional tutors you can book for your child.

What Our customers say

Tutors Gateway provide us an experienced female tutor and there customized schedule help my daughter in her studies which results in good grades.

Mrs. Mumtaz

Tutors Gateway provide us an experienced tutor and there customized schedule help my child in her studies. Her concepts are now and because of that my daughter result is improved

Mrs. Raheela Naeem

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Online Courses
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English Handwriting(2000rs/student)

Urdu Handwriting(2000rs/student)

Urdu Reading(2000rs/student)

English Reading(2000rs/student)

English Speaking Courses(3000rs/student)

Online Classes
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Class Nursery (reading, writing, speaking) for all subjects.

Class Prep (reading, writing, speaking) for all subjects

Class 1-8 (reading, writing, speaking, daily school work) for all subjects

Class 9th & 10th full course board exam preparation.

Class first year & 2nd year full course board exam preparation.

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