Why home tutoring is a better option for your children?

In recent times, the education system of Pakistan evolves quite rapidly. It’s due to the change in education curriculum, student’s competitive approach or somehow technological advancement. The need of students towards their education is changed drastically. My personal learning and outcome from this situation after teaching from last five years is that students lack focus because different things are continuously running in the mind of a student. Let us consider an example of a class room were 20 students are sitting and teacher is delivering a lecture and at the same time some thoughts are running in the mind of a student. So at same time student is focusing on three things class environment (fellow student’s activities), teacher lecture and his/her own thoughts, so this is the time were student lost focus and got distracted. At this stage personalized one-to-one tutoring plays its part, for many reasons students pursuing home tutoring perform better some reasons are listed below,

  • Focus :

In home tutoring the student remain focused as there is no distraction element present in the room. There is only a teacher and student. In some cases the child distraction problem is due to less motivation and due to this lack of motivation problem various negative factors can originate. But in case of home tutoring a teacher is always there to hear and to understand student problem which make student focus towards their studies.

  • Guidance :

In home tutoring there is one teacher and one student, so students get all the attentions he needs from his teacher. The teacher guides him in every stage including his/her schoolwork, extracurricular activities, habits, hobbies and much more.

  • Better Learning :

Because of this one to one study method of home tuition, tutors are also willing to apply new study techniques. Tutors take extra care of their students in order to deliver quality education.

  • Greater Performance :

In home tutoring student better performance is ensured, because tutor has 1-2 hours daily with his/her student in which tutor evaluate the weakness of his/her student which were affecting his/her result. After evaluating tutor eliminate the weak points from student to ensure greater performance.

  • Ability to ask QUESTIONS :

Students often hesitate to ask a teacher any question in a large classroom setting. The main reason behind this is the competitive class environment where students don’t feel comfortable to speak out. But learning with home tuition gives them much needed confidence and freedom to share their thoughts.

These are the some reasons which reflects that why home tutoring is better option for children’s now a days.

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